Oscillation Station | Phoenix based digital marketing strategists
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Ride Our Digital Airwaves


Come see why our approach to digital campaigns is making waves.

Catch the Wave

We design your success

We create personalized digital environments that enable success.   Customer experience is at the top of our list and customization is our passion. We have a bias for action, and preference for relaxed but direct communication.  Our team features individuals with a broad knowledge base, from award winning artists to serial entrepreneurs, and everything in-between.

Corporate ID, Branding & Design
Website Design & Development
Targeted Digital & Print Strategies
Multi-Media Content Development

Every Pixel Counts


Corporate ID, Branding & Design0%
Website Design & Development0%
Targeted Digital & Print Strategies0%
Multi-Media Content Development0%

Make Waves

Create Beauty

Digital Marketing Director

“What makes people passionate, pure and simple, is great experiences. If they have great experience with your product and they have great experiences with your service, they’re going to be passionate about your brand, they’re going to be committed to it. That’s how you build that kind of commitment.” – Jesse James Garrett

Lead Designer, Creative Director

When I.M. Pei installed his glass pyramid at the entrance to the Louvre in 1988, the French did not receive it well. However, this juxtaposition of new world against old world architecture not only illustrates man’s divergence in architecture, it defines a new collective esthetic.

Sales & Experience Director

“Alex has an unusual mind. She created some of the most creative marketing materials I have seen in my 30 years of teaching. She not only marches too the beat of a different drummer, she probably is in the process of redesigning the drum.” – Dr. Rice, CSU Fresno, Marketing Professor..

Justice League

Hall of Justice

We have good kung fu.

From videographers, to copywriters, to photographers, to computer coders and much more, we have an extremely capable and scalable team.

We draw from the best of the best and can handle any job.  No job is too big or too small.

Nothing But Love

Our Clients