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Why Your Facebook API’s May Not Be Working

Why Your Facebook API’s May Not Be Working

You may of may not have noticed, but your website/mobile apps connecting to Facebook may or may not be working.  For me, that means that a plugin that I was using for one of my websites, which allowed me to import Facebook events onto a website event calendar is not doing so anymore.  For you, it may be something different.

Why?  The answer is here: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2018/04/04/facebook-api-platform-product-changes/

In light of all of the pressure that Facebook and its now famous CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is feeling from all sides, ranging from its audience and to the U.S. government over privacy issues, Facebook is taking steps to tighten up potential data breaches.

As of April 4th of 2018, Facebook is requiring a more in depth review of apps and API’s associated with it.  According to the above mentioned article:

“As we begin enhancing our new app review process and make changes to our platform, the Events, Groups, Pages and Instagram APIs will no longer be available to new developers. Testing of our more robust process starts today and the new process should resume in a few weeks, but apps currently accessing Events and Groups APIs will lose access today. Going forward, access to these APIs will require a formal app review and for apps using the Pages API, submission is required within 90 days once app review resumes or access will be removed.”

Keep in mind that this article was published as of April 4th, and it describes a process (which doesn’t quite sound solidified yet) that should begin in a few weeks.  When, exactly?  We are not sure.  How long will the review process take?  We are not sure.

One thing is sure, however.  This is just the beginning.  More adjustments will be coming and will affect internet marketers and app users/developers in ways that none of us can possibly know yet.

* Bonus tip – If you haven’t gotten a SSL certificate yet, you should probably look into doing so.  This will affect Google rankings and, it looks like, may affect API approvals across different platforms in the near future.



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